Annual URS 

Flag Hoisting

Annual Urs commences with Flag Hoisting at Buland Darwaza

On the appearance of the moon for the month of Rajab, there comes a change in daily routine which is generally held at the Holy Shrine. The main entrance of the Holy Tomb which in ordinary days is closed at night, is kept open through out the day and night (barring for 2 or 3 hours at night) during the six days of Urs. All other daily and weekly programmes are suspended and few functions and ceremonies commence from that night.

Qul Day ( Final Day)

Qul ceremony takes place on the last day of Urs which is also the sixth day of the month of Rajab. This is considered to be a very important day. After the morning prayer, people start gathering the Holy Tomb.The activities include recital of Quran, Darood, Shijra-e-Chishtia and other verses. People also tie small turbans on each other’s head and pray for the benefit of the people, for peace, prosperity and happiness.

URS 2021

  • 8th February- Flag hoisting ceremony after asar namaz..
  • 14th February- Urs begins 1st of Rajab, Jannati Darwaza will be open.
  • 19th February- 6th Of Rajab, Chatti Shareef and Jumma Mubarak, Jannati Darwaza will get closed.
  • 22nd February- 9th of Rajab Bara Qul, last day of URS. Whole Dargah will be washed by devotees and main fatiha will be held in Dargah Shareef at 9 A.M

(Note: Date may change according to the visibility of Moon)

Important Notice – The following information is for all those Zaireens (visitors) who are visiting Ajmer Shareef during URS fair.
First of all if you are coming then let me know prior so that i can arrange your stay or If you or any of your family, friend or any known people are planning to visit Dargah Shareef on upcoming occassion of URS FAIR then make sure you fill the RT PCR TEST form (its compulsory for all visitors). If you have any confusion please message me on whatsapp as due to network congestion there might be disturbance in direct calls.
The link is given below, just click on to the link and fill all required information.

Duas and blessings from Dargah Shareef Ajmer to all devotees.

For more information contact:
Syed HamZa Chishty


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