“Bismillah Hir-Rahman Nir-Rahim”

Dear Brothers and Sisters

“AS-SALAM-O-ALIKUM. Let me introduce myself, I am just an ordinary servant of Khawaja Baba who is greatly impressed and humbled by this place called Dargah Shareif. This is a place where people of different religion, cast, creed and colour visit to fulfill their wishes and desires. In fact it’s said that nobody ever returns empty handed from Khawaja’s Darbar. At this day and age when people all around us are fighting in the name of religion and colour, for such a place to exist where people stand together no matter what, seems like a miracle.

In my quest to further its cause, I discovered people are interested in knowing more about it and in fact want to be a part of this miracle. This led me to search for means and a medium through which I could take this place to the world, share it with everyone.

Now with the grace of All Mighty Allah, blessings of Huzoor Nabi-E-Karim Mohammad and Khawaja Garieb Nawaz of Ajmer I have found both the means and the medium to shape my wish.

My main aim of creating this site is to enable more and more people to benefit from the blessings of Khawaja Baba and realise the power of All mighty Allah and his disciple, Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty of Ajmer.”

Gaddinashin Haji S. M. Hameed Chishty
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