Khawaja Gharibnawaz Dargah Ajmer URS 2015 Dates

On 15th of April 2015 [25th Jamdul Sahani] flag hosting ceremony after Asar Namaz 6:00 pm.
On 20th of April 2015 [ 1st of rajab] the URS starts, the first gusal will star and the mehfil-e-sama will start in the Dargah Sharif.
On 25 th of April 2015 [6th of rajjab chatte sharif] the main day of Urs Sharif, the coul fathe will be at 1:00 pm before zohar prayer.
On 28th of April 2015 [9th rajjab] the last day of urs which is call bara qoul ,the main fathe and dua will be at 9:00 am. And the devotee of Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz r.a will wash the entire Darah Sharif. From 20th of April [1st of rajjab] till 25th of April [ 6 rajjab] the Dargah Sharif will remain open 24 hours except for some hour they will close for the urs ritual [ ghusal sharif]

Dargah of Hazrat Khawaja Hismuddin Chishty RA of Sambar


Dargah of Hazrat Khawaja Hismuddin Chishty RA of Sambar, he is a grand son of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty R.A. Today was his URS

13th rajab, Hazrat Ali (R.A)’s birthday – 13 May 2014


Today 13th rajab, Hazrat Ali (R.A)’s birthday. And also there was lightening and hail storm after magrib namaz… So, here are some pictures where you can see lightening.